Introducing Gretta Goodis and Linda Felo

Geneia is sponsoring the Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon & Festival in Boston on June 6– 8, 2014, and is fielding a team of runners, including some of our own employees.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Gretta Goodis and Linda Felo. They are two Geneia employees who volunteered to train for the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon and are allowing us to follow their journey. Check back on Thursdays to learn more about their experience as they train to run 13.1 miles.


employees.jpgThe Geneia staff is comprised largely of clinicians and includes 100 nurses and physicians as well as dietitians, social workers, and health educators. Our employees are encouraged to be healthy and to exercise; we have treadmill desks at our office and some have built their own stand up desks. We have runners, triathletes, and cyclists on our staff. Some call themselves athletes, some are even the kind of competitive athletes who qualify for elite triathlons.

Neither Gretta Goodis nor Linda Felo consider themselves athletes. They are women seeking the kind of challenge that simultaneously motivates and scares them. As Gretta said, "The half-marathon will either be the best or the worst thing I've ever done."

Gretta Goodis is a 56-year-old nurse who works in behavioral health and substance abuse for Geneia. She has never been a runner, but is motivated to become one. For the first time in her adult life, she feels healthy and ready to take on this kind of challenge.

A bout with liver cancer in 2010 changed her life. She became physically active for the first time, and in the past year dropped more than 100 pounds following bariatric surgery. The surgery also helped her to achieve her number one health goal: long term control of her Type 2 diabetes.

Gretta's goal is to finish the half marathon even if she crawls across the finish line many hours after the last runner.

Linda Felo is a 53-year-old disease management nurse who works with Geneia's high-risk patients. She says her twin was the athlete in the family, and her youth softball coach convinced her she was a weak runner. All this changed about five years ago when she took a behavior modification class, where she started running a few times a week and lost more than 50 pounds.

Her motivation has waned some in the years since the behavior modification class, and she views the public commitment to run the Runner's World Half Marathon as the accountability she needs. "I can no longer 'blow off' my workout or cut it short."

Linda previously participated in the Harrisburg Half Marathon and struggled to finish. Her goal for this event is to run the entire 13.1 miles. She wants to finish strong and to enjoy race day.

Both Gretta and Linda have many miles to run before June 8th, and will likely have quite a bit to say along the way as they work toward their goal of finishing the half marathon. Check back weekly to keep apprised of their progress, and join us as we cheer them on to their own personal victories!


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